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Billing and Reimbursement

How much money is your company losing due to unreimbursed claims?  Claims that were denied because they were not billed on a timely manner, not billed properly or just forgotten about and simply never sent? That's right, hundreds of millions of dollars is lost annually due to medical billing errors. Is your office among those offices that are only receiving 70% of the available medical billing revenue due to them?


Argosy Group has National experience in: Medical Billing, Medical Coding, Electronic Claims Submission, Medical Billing Consulting, Medical Coding Audits, Staff & Provider Training, Physician Credentialing, HIPAA Consulting, Complete Follow-up Functions, and Patient Invoicing.

With extensive editing and audits being performed on electronic claims prior to their transmission to carriers, the percentage of suspension/rejections is low.   Although you can never remove all the denials, harnessing technology to audit  claims speeds up the revenue cycle and drops your denial rate and speeds up recovery of your payments.

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