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Ambassadors; Consulting Services

We provide consulting in all areas of the provider business, but we take it one step further.   Argosy Group has a staff of ambassadors that have well over 100 years of combined experience in various aspects of the healthcare industry.  Our ambassadors will spend the time to make sure the solution they provide works in conjunction with all other aspects of your business.   A provider business is only as strong as its weakest link.  We are the only consulting firm that gives you the “total” picture.

Our business ambassadors provide sound business advice based on extensive real world business experience and knowledge.  Our ability to keep your business ahead of the pack will help your bottom line.

We provide business startup advice, small business advice, as well as complicated business strategies, changes and alignment for large and national businesses. All of our ambassadors have both practical experience in being a provider to the industry, as well as being a vendor to the healthcare industry. Argosy Ambassadors are skilled professionals who are on the cutting edge of technology, process and service.

Argosy Group has ambassadors available for consultation in the following areas:

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